Spirit Dance

Spirit dance is a shamanic journey which leads to free flow movement with the option of dancing blind folded, the aim is to connect with a spirit guide whilst journeying with the drum beat moving into dance.

It is a safe sacred space to listen to the inner voice, feel into the heart, ask for healing, guidance and express our own truth through self expression bringing it to light so we can see it more clearly, celebrate our uniqueness.

Shamanism is an ancient practice which has been used for thousands of years in different cultures all over the world.The word shaman means healer or one who sees in the dark. Shamanic journeying is a way of travelling to other realms outside of time and space. This experience is referred to as non ordinary reality/dream time.

The beat of the drum creates a monotonous tone which slows down the brain waves bringing the brain into a theta state, this is where we can access other realms and meet our spirit guides. Spirit guides are loving compassionate beings who protect and guide us, they can show themselves as teachers in human form, gods, goddesses, ancestors, angels, legendary figures, animals, nature beings and elements.

Most of the spirit dance sessions involve journeying to meet a power animal however our guides are there for us in many ways and can show themselves in different forms depending on what we need.

“Shamanic journeying has been a transformative experience for my healing journey. Working with my guides has helped with day to day challenges and allowed me to step more into my own truth and understand my soul purpose. I created spirit dance from my love of dancing and experiencing my guides when i dance. After meeting my guides in shamanic journeys i would often feel there loving presence when i closed my eyes in dance.

This inspired me to explore dancing blind folded or with eyes slightly closed, my mind is less distracted from looking around and allows my movements to come from a deeper place inside,from this place my body moves freely and intuitively, i can see and feel the animal aspects of my spirit guide and merge and become one with this energy.

Its at the point of being with this guidance and surrendering to this moment i feel completely free, its amazing!, this experience has been deep and profound and i am grateful for all i have learnt from this process, i feel passionate and am excited to share this with others. I love dancing and the positive changes it brings.”

The session includes a sharing circle – shamanic journey – gentle yoga stretches – free flow dance – guided relaxation and earth oracle cards. Wear loose comfortable clothing, bring a blanket and something to lie on and a bottle of water. 

Percussion welcome – rattles – tambourines, looking forward to welcoming you in circle.

Natasha x


Upcoming dates for Spirit Dance 2020


Venue -The Quiet View, 146 The Street, Kingston, Canterbury, CT4 6JQ

Friday 21st February – 7 pm – 9 pm 

Pre spring equinox dance – Saturday 14th March – 7 pm – 9 pm

Cost – £10